Why michelle?

"As your Minnesota Supreme Court Justice, I will protect and defend your constitutional rights and make certain there is accountability, oversight and reform of our Judicial System"

-Michelle MacDonald

Michelle has watched the legal system evolve into a system of INJUSTICE over the last 30 years. Michelle knows our rights as people and citizens have eroded. The Rule of Law appears non-existent. People are fed up, feeling like they need a lawyer for almost everything. Judges have violated our trust, systematically taking away liberties with our property and children by use of court orders promoted by attorneys to regulate day-to-day lives. Minnesotans desire virtually no government, and a large private sector. Yet, government (including the third branch --- courts) continues to get bigger, and the private sector continues to diminish. There is no true separation of powers --- the legislative, executive and judicial branches conflate to deprive us of our liberties. WE THE PEOPLE don't actually have a say in anything that is being imposed on us.

Pro liberty with your family, resources and property

Michelle knows you have the right to be left alone if you are not harming anyone. She wants to eliminate over-regulation of you, your family and your property by lawmakers, law enforcement, attorneys and courts that deprive us. Our liberties with our lives, resources and property provided by the 14th amendment are eroded. We are inhibited in our pursuit of happiness by laws that are not constitutional being enforced by courts that fail to recognize fundamental liberty rights.

Protection of All People

Michelle is prepared to protect and defend your inherent rights ---those you get by being born, like the air you breathe. She is committed to fundamental liberties, Constitutional rights, and fair treatment of all citizens---children and adults. Many laws don’t pass even the first element of due process ---- clear rules. For instance, did you know that laws have countless definitions of the word “person”? Where is the common sense?

Transparency and Accountability

Michelle is an aggressive crusader for justice. Michelle understands that no one is above the law—not even judges. This brings us to the second element of due process --- government adherence to the rules. Michelle is prepared to ensure accountability and oversight of the system of justice in Minnesota.

Pro Life, Liberty and Pursuit of happiness

Michelle is pro-life, but refrains from judging those who may have chosen legal abortion. Michelle is adverse to the multi-millions of tax dollars our government funds to planned parenthood. Michelle is a wife, mother and grandmother. She has been an attorney for adoption agencies for over 20 years. She is an adoptive mother as well.


Pro Second Amendment - Gun Rights and Safety

Guns don't kill people --- People kill people. We have a constitutional right to bear arms safely in order to protect ourselves, our loved ones and for hunting activities. We cannot and should not rely on our government to protect us. Our laws already do what they can to keep guns away from dangerous people who might misuse them.